sexta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2009

The moment I´ve crossed those green rivers

Mind Elvenpath´s journal (December):

The day I smelt beautiful rivers, I felt carnal gardens growing inside my nose. It was a random feeling that was growing on me, no scientist or positivist had the capacity to explain these. I wanted to meet the feathers that rained from the women´s body, and meet these tasteful and dreamful twilights. But to fulfill this will, I needed to suspend the disbelief that was the glue that was stuck on my feet. Fuck, I need to get rid of this thing! As my hands were crawling over my sketch book, I was feeling and reaching a progressive dimension that my eyes couldn´t believe. From the moment I saw these faces, I knew that there was gonna be a permanent mark on my soul. Those were the green rivers, the two deepest rivers that ran inside this heart of mine. But were those rivers real? Do I have the dignity to swim on them or to feel intensely their smell. It´s a shitty question that eats my mind, and it can be weird too. I have to discover which way my river runs, follow and risk ourselves in different types of path. Its 3 am and I´m writting here feeling the moon enlightning my head, has I´m feeling my favorite song, the song of the ravens (sweet like a band of Black Metal waking up my mind).

Mind Sullivan Elvenpath

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