sexta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2009

The moment I´ve crossed those green rivers

Mind Elvenpath´s journal (December):

The day I smelt beautiful rivers, I felt carnal gardens growing inside my nose. It was a random feeling that was growing on me, no scientist or positivist had the capacity to explain these. I wanted to meet the feathers that rained from the women´s body, and meet these tasteful and dreamful twilights. But to fulfill this will, I needed to suspend the disbelief that was the glue that was stuck on my feet. Fuck, I need to get rid of this thing! As my hands were crawling over my sketch book, I was feeling and reaching a progressive dimension that my eyes couldn´t believe. From the moment I saw these faces, I knew that there was gonna be a permanent mark on my soul. Those were the green rivers, the two deepest rivers that ran inside this heart of mine. But were those rivers real? Do I have the dignity to swim on them or to feel intensely their smell. It´s a shitty question that eats my mind, and it can be weird too. I have to discover which way my river runs, follow and risk ourselves in different types of path. Its 3 am and I´m writting here feeling the moon enlightning my head, has I´m feeling my favorite song, the song of the ravens (sweet like a band of Black Metal waking up my mind).

Mind Sullivan Elvenpath

segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2009

As my brain started to smile

The fifth journal writting:

The hands were tired, maybe tired of so much drawing. And eyes were getting dizzy, as I was laying down in the couch. And repetitive thoughts were comin to the mind as I was losing myself into an abyss. Sleepy at the same time, tired of those badasses that are always pissing me off. Bianca was in the same mood, as for the rest of the team. The dictator machine was still chasing us and trying to fuck our lives every minute. So what! We´ve created some masterpieces that somehow pissed off the government, but hurray! That was our true intention, to piss off the crowds! But now, I just want to rest and shit for the rest! Our refuge here is a relaxing place to exist, far away from strict rules or hipocrit and disgusting minds. As I was feeling pot smoke dancing on my nose, I asked to one of the guys:
- Hey! Where is the dope! I need inspiration! - I said.
- Inspiration? Now? For what? Relax dude.
- You fuckin glass of milk (laughs), I need new ways to harass those shitheads out there! - I said
- Oh! you mean artistically?
- Pretty obvious! - I said
As I was chilling out hearing Doom Metal and feeling the dope, Helena Sullivan´s face was reaching my mind, this fuckin Oedipal stage has been cursing me for a life time. But as the illusion was getting sharper, a smile was ripping through my lips as I started to laugh constantly. The laugh was a sign, my will was getting stronger and projects will born and help me to achieve the deepest goals.

The fire burns and will never be benign! That is the bottom line!

Mind Sullivan Elvenpath