domingo, 7 de março de 2010

A prisoner named Catharsis

As I´ve chosen your destiny, I´ve wanted to create something magnanimous, something that would be a heavy thought in the mind of others. I am the one who sets the destiny of characters, some destinies are full of grief, some of them are full of super-ego fulfilling moments. Your destiny will mirror an unique path that I can´t fulfill in these dimensions. Yes, I do believe in the metaphysics so what? My brain threw you out for some reason, for some quest that needs to be done. The mechanism which I live in is useless and can´t be reformulated, in short days no one knew how to do such thing. So this is the message: you shall be the wolf that will never swallow the shit of the dominant ideals, you shall run away from the boring and symbolic cattle of life.
Our clans of life are important, they need to be built, our imagination is the most important tool of all.
You shall meet the true values of life earlier than me, live them for me, you´ll be the true release of the Catharsis that needs to be unleashed.

Lyonhart Darkcraft

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