sexta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2010

Snuggling you inside a heart-shaped box

Tenth journal entry:

Your golden eyes are the twilight that is now slowly developing, I still believe that the deepest hopes exist in metaphysics. And i want to believe that such dimension exists, I know there is. My soul witnessed a painful eclipse, the rain of the visceral skin, a twilight that only existed in Mars. Will I ever drink that bloody juice of yours? Will I snug you inside a Heart-shaped box? Will a river be born? My mind needs a fuckin twist,it would be sweet sometimes. Hanging the disbelief is something that keeps me truly alive. The moon is once again, lighting sweetly my head and mind as I write a journal entry on the darkest pages.

Mind Elvenpath

2 comentários:

Filipe Santos disse...

now i found a perfect use for the word "perfection" :p

Nii disse...

tiaguito, sei k n tem naada a ver, mas...sabes alguma coisa de horários?como vai ser no 2º semestre?
beijinho de boas férias*